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Intuition Challenge Week

LIVE EVENT - SEPTEMBER 23 - 27, 2024

The Ultimate Experience For Those Ready To Tap Into Their Intuition!

Hosted by Jenny Burton,
Founder of EnerBalance Hypnotherapy + Holistic Healing Center

Are you a highly sensitive person who feels like there is something more to life but you just can't quite put your finger on it?  

Do you have trouble discerning between your Intuition (truth) and your Ego (perceptions)?

Everything you are feeling, all the signs you have brushed off as coincidence- this is your INTUITION gently shouting at you.

And... if you learn how to harness this inner knowing, it can and will become your SUPERPOWER to live your best life!!

Here's the BEST PART- I can teach you how to connect with YOUR just have to SIGN UP and SHOW UP...that's it!

It's Time To STOP Second-Guessing Yourself and START  Trusting Your INTUITION!!  Sign Up TODAY!

*All registrants will receive all 5 live sessions, PDF Workbook, Intuition Tracker, online Facebook community, exclusive discounts and chances to win bonus prizes all week!

During This LIVE 5-Day Experience, You Will Learn How to:

What You Will Receive:

5-Live Daily  Sessions 

Easy-To-Follow Workbook + Intuitive Tracker

Online Facebook Community of Support

Recorded Sessions Emailed to You Daily

$10 Off Any Single  Service (Exluding Programs)

Daily Chances to Win Bonus Prizes

All of this for ONLY $22!!
(That's less than the cost of a cup of coffee per day)

M. Pennington, FL

"This is my jam!! I get the shapes - like I just know. I love it! I’m going to take this challenge and practice it daily as I would love to fully trust my intuition!! Thank you!"

R. Henry, MI

"I really feel like I can trust what my intuition is telling me- thank you for teaching me the super easy techniques!"

T. Johenson, MD

"My spirit team came through so quickly- now I KNOW I'm always guided and supported!"

Connect deeply with your INTUITION

Rock Balancing

Gain insights to find BALANCE and step into ALIGNMENT

Laptop Keyboard

Have lifetime access to the recordings so you can continue to GROW

Hey there, I'm Jenny~

As a Spiritual Leader + Intuitive Development Guide, I understand the importance of tapping into and trusting your inner knowing to help you navigate through your life's journey.

I'm so excited to be hosting the 4th year of this fun event to help other beautiful souls like you learn more about your unique gifts and how to use them to MANIFEST the life you DESERVE to live!

I didn't fully understand what intuition was, let alone how to find it and trust it when I was younger but when I finally stopped hiding my intuitive gifts and let go of self-judgment, amazing opportunities for growth have shown up more times than I can count... not to mention all the signs my spirit team shows me daily.


Fast forward to today, I help "stuck and funked up" people get out of their heads and into their knowing so they can become the master creators of their best lives.

If you are ready to remove the blocks holding you back from being your true AUTHENTIC self and step into your SOUL ALIGNMENT, you have found yourself in the right place.  Welcome, friend!  I'm so grateful you are here!!


Intuition Challenge Week Starts In:












Just Imagine What's Possible for YOU During Intuition Challenge Week!

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