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Welcome To EnerBalance

EnerBalance is your #1 Solution in the Upstate and beyond for addressing and resolving issues such as Grief + Loss, Weight, Anxiety, Smoking, Fears, Phobias, Dependencies, Self-Development and more!  

We offer Hypnotherapy, Spiritual Guidance + Intuitive Development services to aid you in the facilitation of self-healing and growth.


We're here to guide you on your healing journey.

Northern Lights

Transformation Starts With You

Shift Your Thoughts     Change Your Behaviors     Transform Your Life

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Clinical Hypnotherapy

 Safe, effective and non-invasive solution to resolving issues for Weight Loss, Anxiety, Fears, Dependencies, Self-Development and more by shifting your thoughts to change your behaviors

Spiritual Growth + Development

Intuitive guidance when you are ready to explore your inner self through energy medicine, intuitive talk-therapy, heart-centered soul guidance and purpose-driven mentorship programs

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20 Creekview Ct.
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Sessions available by appointment only

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